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    Greetings Everyone,

    I am Andrew Ng which is passionate person in Property, E-Commerce & Online Marketing

    I am the founder of Arch2shop an E-Commerce website with a concept of delivering products at affordable price to consumer around the world and rewarding our member by multiple ways.

    My personal motto,

    "Do whatever we can with whatever we have.

    Do whatever we can that other people can't do.

    Create miracle out of every opportunity we have."

    Finally "Perseverance"


    Below is my Lifetime Milestone Achievement for Property.

    1) Flash Mob Brand Awareness:

    Concept & Implementation Chinese New Year, God of Prosperity wishing Good Fortune to everyone in nearby neighbourhood.

    2) Launching:

    Integrate Launching & Events to create sales impact so that buyer can bring family to enjoy while purchasing their dream homes. As a bonus lucky draw to give away and become topic among friends to boast about the gift won.


    3) Constant Events around the year

    Event, Sales and Crisis Management to improve sales, retain loyal customer, encourage referral and manage surrounding environment.


    4) Press Conference / Social Media Management

    Handling Press and Create Positive brand image towards the public. Creating positive news for sales to promotion and buyer confidence.


    4) Legal consultant

    Provide experience and idea to draft SPA suitable for developer claim and ease developer financial. As a student for LPPEH.

    5) Authority, End Financing & Project Meeting

    Ensure project goes smoothly.


    6) Sales Training, Briefing & Counter Measure.

    Ensure Proper information delivered to public and public back to developer. 


    7) Project & Cultural Exchange Survey (Malaysia, Japan & China)


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